Aetheric InFusion

Aetheric InFusion: A Fantasy LitRPG Academy Adventure (Magical Fusion, Book 3)
English | January 30, 2024 | ASIN: B0CTHXY5RX | M4B@125 kbps | 16h 49m | 918.75 MB

Author: Jonathan Brooks
Narrator: Miles Meili

Knowledge of Larek’s gifts have spread farther than just Copperleaf Academy…

Exposed as a “Fusion prodigy” to the Mages of Copperleaf Academy and the Martials of Fort Pinevalley, Larek struggles with the attention and expectations this label brings. Not only does he need protection against those who may wish him harm, but he also has to contend with the needs of his Professors and the Dean of Copperleaf Academy, who wish to use his abilities to help teach others about his discoveries and to outfit the local Scission Interception Corps with his powerful creations.

It’s not because of selfish reasons that they desire the SIC to be better equipped, though, but one of necessity. Changes in Scission and monster behavior throughout the Kingdom has thrown all of their previous defensive strategies into turmoil, and more and more member of the SIC have to venture out from behind the safety of the city’s walls to hunt down and kill the threatening monsters roaming across the landscape.

If that wasn’t bad enough, word of Larek’s abilities – and potential origin – have begun to spread, leading to rumors that, if they were to reach the wrong ears, could result in devastation. The powerful Fusionist must now juggle the expectations of his Professors with keeping his presence at the Academy a secret, or else his entire world might come crashing down.

This weak-to-strong MC story contains LitRPG elements such as character progression and statistics, as well as a heavy crafting emphasis. No explicit sexual content or harems.

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