Acceptance: The Merman

Acceptance: The Merman, Book 2
English | October 29, 2014 | ASIN: B00P0B0O82 | M4B@62 kbps | 2h 38m | 72.01 MB

Author: X. Aratare
Narrator: Chris Patton

Gabriel Braven is a merman, but he does not believe it.

Gabriel should have drowned twice in his life, but he survived. Casillus Nerion, his beautiful merman savior, tells him the reason for this is simple: Gabriel is a merman. Long ago, a Braven ancestor fell in love and had a child with a powerful merman. This child did not inherit the Mer gifts, but Gabriel has.

Despite seeing inexplicable physical changes to his body when he gets wet and having trouble breathing when there is plenty of air, Gabriel’s head tells him that Mer, like love, do not exist. Ironically, both beliefs are being tested at the same time, as he tries to tell himself that the pounding of his heart when he even thinks of Casillus is imaginary, too.

But whether Gabriel believes or not, Casillus tells him one more devastating fact: the Mer live forever, but unless Gabriel goes into the ocean with him in four days, Gabriel will die.

Can Gabriel accept the truth before it’s too late? Can he open his heart to the merman that saved him? Can he believe Casillus’ words over their mental link that the Mer will never leave Gabriel? Or will he deny himself Casillus and his true nature until his last breath?

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