A Sun Scorched Bloom

A Sun Scorched Bloom: The Magic of the Wildflowers Trilogy, Book 2
English | April 02, 2024 | ASIN: B0CWN2TQPD | M4B@125 kbps | 19h 45m | 1.05 GB

Author: Megan Shade
Narrator: Samantha Cook

A bloody bargain. An impossible choice. An inevitable war.

With the Lonely Death spreading and a rebellion ignited within the kingdom of Desia, Lea finally knows the truth. At least—she thinks she does. But the revelation of Gray’s identity is only the beginning.

Guided by an ancient prophecy, Lea embarks on a quest to harness the power of the moonflowers and save the lives of her people, but this power will not come without a cost. Lea must confront her innermost demons, reopening old wounds in order to fulfill the prophecy and end the reign of the wicked Black King.

In the spellbinding sequel to A Wildflower in the Wind, Lea is forced to plunge deeper into her magic where the line between victory and chaos blurs, leaving her to wonder if the flames within her will render her unstoppable, or perhaps, irreversibly consumed in the fire.

Intended for mature listeners.

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