A Path of Possession

A Path of Possession: The N-ergy Cycle, Book 1
English | March 29, 2024 | ASIN: B0CZF86V5W | M4B@125 kbps | 19h 7m | 1.02 GB

Author: Charles Brass
Narrator: Sylvia Gonçalves

She thought recovering from a devastating injury would be the hardest challenge of her young life. She could not have been more wrong…

Two seasons ago, then-fifteen-celebrations-old Lake-Ellen Redwood’s Path in life changed when she became a fledgling Lady of the Leaves. On the morning she attempts to resume her lifelong goal of becoming a guild-certified accountant, she suffers a lightning strike while meditating beneath the massive Heart of the Forest. Fearful the incident blasted into her the devil rumored to be slumbering within the two-millennia-old tree, the local ruling council banishes her under penalty of death. Forced to flee, she travels to her uncle’s house in a distant city to heal in anonymity.

At first, her recovery goes well. But as the season turns and the telltale signs of possession manifest, and the death toll rises, Lake-Ellen is forced to confront the all-too-real possibility that a being of unimaginable power has rooted within her, putting the city in grave danger, and bringing frantic authorities in pursuit. In addition, she’s receiving calls for help from a second devil, somewhere else in her world.

Only the fires of decoherence will set her free—at the cost of her life. No one will settle for anything less…

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