A Fistful of Elven Gold

A Fistful of Elven Gold
English | May 12, 2020 | ASIN: B087XBY38C | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 15m | 614.33 MB

Author: Alex Stewart
Narrator: Ryan Burke

When someone starts killing his fellow bounty hunters in the port of Fairhaven, Drago Appleroot is happy to help his contacts in the City Watch with their investigation – for a reasonable fee, of course. But posing as an assassin-for-hire to draw out the killer attracts the attention of two separate groups from a far-off Elven kingdom whose private war is being fought on the streets of his home town.

Pitched into a maelstrom of treachery and lethal politics, Drago is forced into a long and dangerous journey to the heart of the Sylvan Marches, where one determined gnome might just decide the destiny of a kingdom. If he can survive long enough to decide which side he ought to be on.

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