A City of Flames

A City of Flames: The Solaris and Crello Trilogy, Book 1
English | November 02, 2023 | ASIN: B0CJVLJYFB | M4B@128 kbps | 14h 39m | 813.73 MB

Author: Rina Vasquez
Narrator: Hannah Parker


Nara has always desired justice.

Could hunting dragons bring her peace at last?

When a fire dragon attacks her village, the perfect opportunity presents itself – now she can take revenge on the creatures that killed her father. But the dragon she’s determined to kill seems fascinated by Nara, something everyone slowly begins to notice…

After this strange event, Nara is invited to join the Venators – a trained order of people who slay dangerous magical creatures – just like her father before her.

This offer should be a dream come true. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to hunt down the cruel, destructive creatures that enslaved humans for thousands of years?

But Nara is about to learn the ugly truth; history is written by the victors.

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