A Catalogue of Catastrophe

A Catalogue of Catastrophe: Chronicles of St Mary’s, Book 13
English | April 14, 2022 | ASIN: B09TCC6CQD | MP3@32 kbps | 13h 24m | 164.65 MB

Author: Jodi Taylor
Narrator: Zara Ramm

Book 13 in the internationally best-selling Chronicles of St Mary’s series.

For fans of Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club series, Jasper Fforde and Doctor Who.

Finally—finally!—Max has that nice office job she’s always wanted. The one with no heavy lifting and no one tries to kill her. Well, one out of two’s not bad….

Punching well above their weight, Max and Markham set out to bring down a sinister organisation founded in the future—with a suspicious focus on the past.

Max’s focus is staying alive long enough to reunite with Leon and Matthew, alternately helped and hindered by St Mary’s—who aren’t always the blessing they like to think they are.

But non-stop leaping around the timeline—from witnessing Magna Carta to disturbing a certain young man with a penchant for gunpowder—is beginning to take its toll. Is Max going mad? Or are the ghosts of the past finally catching up with her?

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