A Cage So Gilded

A Cage So Gilded: Healer of Kingdoms, Book 2
English | April 02, 2024 | ASIN: B0CP88XGW2 | M4B@125 kbps | 9h 58m | 544.72 MB

Author: Ingrid Seymour
Narrator: Kasi Hollowell, Liam Price

The prince would choose to save his realm. But the beast would follow his heart… To me.

After I saved his life and kingdom, Kalyll let me go, choosing duty over the passion that burned between us.

Though his death was written in the stars, I found a dark, impossible way to pull him back, to anchor his soul to the world of the living. Still, that wasn’t enough to win his heart.

Now, the force that lives within him gives way to his darker nature, and for a second time, I’m kidnapped and made prisoner—this time in a high tower in the Seelie capital of Elyndell.

With good and evil fighting within him, both his kingdom and heart stand at risk. He can’t have it all, and his attempts to do so may be the end of all he and I hold dear.

This Beauty and the Beast retelling features a troubled prince, a strong heroine, and an amazing supporting cast. This is an enemies-to-lovers series suitable for mature listeners that grows spicier with every book.

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