A Bargain for Sanctuary

A Bargain for Sanctuary: A Cozy Lesbian Romance in the Palace (Raven Court Chronicles, Book 1)
English | September 22, 2023 | ASIN: B0CJMND6LB | M4B@125 kbps | 7h 15m | 396.1 MB

Author: Autumn Wolff
Narrator: Stella Rose

A cozy lesbian palace romance about a desperate werewolf who falls into the hands of a powerful faerie queen.

Sierra Chelsi is on the run from a sheriff and his deputies after murdering her abusive father. Stumbling through the woods of Northern Maine, the young werewolf falls into a shady grove and comes face-to-face with a dark monarch of Faerie. The Raven Queen Varella takes an unusual interest in the desperate shifter and offers her a seemingly simple bargain.

If the werewolf will agree to become Varella’s new pet, then she’ll be offered sanctuary in the land of Faerie, far beyond the reach of mortal law.

Although she knows better than to bargain with fae, Sierra finds it difficult to think straight in the presence of such otherworldly beauty. And when Varella lightly strokes Sierra’s cheek, the werewolf finds herself powerless to do anything other than swoon.

With law enforcement hot on her trail, Sierra agrees to become the queen’s pet. When she awakens in her new home, Sierra discovers a surprisingly cozy life waiting for her in the palace. And while the Raven Court is full of magic and danger, the werewolf’s biggest challenge might just be surviving endless amounts of teasing and pampering from her new mistress.

While most tales warn about the danger of mortals striking bargains with fae, Sierra begins to wonder if this was the best decision of her life. Maybe, just this once, she’ll find herself in a safe home with more love than she could ever wish for.

A Bargain for Sanctuary is a cozy Sapphic fantasy about a submissive werewolf and her mistress, the powerful Faerie Queen. It’s full of wish fulfillment and fluff, perfect for a leisurely listen.

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