50 Real Ghost Stories of First Responders

50 Real Ghost Stories of First Responders: Haunting True Stories of Ghosts on the Job (True Ghost Stories: Real Hauntings)
English | August 12, 2022 | ASIN: B0B9HS1NBL | M4B@125 kbps | 6h 22m | 347.52 MB

Author: Eve S Evans
Narrator: Mark A Davis

Do you hate sleep and love real ghost stories? Then this 50-story collection is exactly what you’re looking for!

These stories are unexplainable true accounts from first responders, police officers, firemen, and 911 operators, told from the perspective of everyday people. Every single tale between these covers is 100 percent true.

First responders with any real time on the job believe in ghosts. They’ve experienced events they can’t otherwise explain. Same with other professions that deal with injuries, accidents, or death. Police officers, firemen, 911 operators, they’ve seen the worst that people can do to one another, and they’ve all had brushes with the unexplained.

Don’t believe in ghosts? This book might change your mind steal any hope of sleep.

Are they spirits? Entities? Unexplainable shadows that move? All of the above? Absolutely. Will these stories give you the chills and haunt your dreams? Certainly.

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