Wolves of the Wastes

Wolves of the Wastes: A Progression Fantasy Epic (Keiran: The Eternal Mage Book 2)

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 18h 19m | 998.39 MB

Author: D.E. Sherman
Narrator: John Joseph Rogers, Rylee Kuberra

Banished from his village, an archmage enters the mana-dry wastes.

Keiran, millennia old archmage, has managed to successfully control the reincarnation cycle and retain all of his memories and skills. That’s about the only thing that’s gone right. Mana seems to have all but disappeared, and a cabal of mages from a nearby city have been using the villagers of his new home as a mana farm for their own purposes.

How long was Keiran gone? Where did the mana go? Does it have anything to do with the missing moon from the sky or the bizarre loss of the written language from his first life? Why are the best mages on the level of bumbling apprentices? Filled with questions and determined to find answers, Keiran journeys to the city of Derro.

The Wolf Pack rules over the desert city, and if Keiran wants access to the knowledge they hold, he’ll have to fight for it, one bloody step at a time. For all his skill, he’s trapped in the body of a child in a world where mana is as scarce as gold.

Can he overcome a group of mages who’ve had decades to grow their power base, or will the Wolves of the Wastes drag him down and eat him alive?

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