To Pierce the Heart

To Pierce the Heart: The Forerunner Initiative, Book 3
English | November 07, 2023 | ASIN: B0CKJB8FGR | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 35m | 741.51 MB

Author: Draith
Narrator: Andrea Emmes

Having teleported halfway across the continent, we’ve finally escaped Ivicka’s notice and are free to do something about getting home to Earth. Except none of our options are exactly simple.

My attention may be getting slightly diverted by a certain K’tharn. But only a little. It’s not my fault Rufka has style, grace, and humor to match.

Even as Rufka goes to the Aetherium’s capital to rescue her mum, we head to Glimmering Sands. A totally normal resort town, other than the fact it’s on an alien planet and is run by a bunch of giant squids known as the M’tari. Or, as the locals say, the Lords of the Deep. M’tari are basically what happens when Cthulhu decides to hang up his eldritch god hat and run a resort town instead. Of course, we’ve barely arrived when things go wrong.

In the aftermath, we rejoin Rufka, and I discover I’m not the only one who knows how To Pierce the Heart.

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