The Way of Ronin

The Way of Ronin: Defying the Odds on Battlefields, in Business and in Life
English | May 21, 2024 | ASIN: B0CMVT7Q3V | M4B@65 kbps | 12h 9m | 349.36 MB

Author: Tu Lam
Narrator: Tu Lam, Pun Bandhu

From Special Forces veteran and internationally respected teacher of Rōnin Tactics to streaming and videogame fan favorite, Tu Lam’s memoir will captivate, astonish, exhilarate, and even profoundly resonate.

Tu Lam has become known not just for his accomplishments as a decorated Green Beret, but also for his work outside the military, including:

  • Training citizens and law enforcement professionals all over the country
  • Providing aid to both active and retired soldiers with physical and mental health issues
  • Co-hosting the History Channel’s Forged in Fire: Knife or Death
  • Appearing in and contributing to the world’s bestselling video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

In The Way of Rōnin, he reveals his against-all-odds story. Tu Lam’s resilience, dedication, and relentless pursuit of freedom saw him achieving Full Spectrum US Special Operations across twenty-seven countries worldwide for more than twenty years, only to pay the price of his own physical and mental trauma as well as addiction.

That decision led him to more than two decades of grueling instruction in every facet of the special forces, then deployment to war and conflict zones—all while channeling his inner anger in secret underground no-holds-barred fighting matches. When he finally retired from the military after more than two decades, his demons caught up with him, leading to years of addiction. But even that didn’t defeat him. Confronting his demons, he emerged triumphant. Now he shares the gripping details and riveting intricacies of this awe-inspiring journey.

Tu Lam’s life is, at times, all too real, and at many others times, almost unbelievable. For fans of Jocko Willink and David Goggins, The Way of Rōnin is an ultimately triumphant tale of what one man can accomplish against seemingly insurmountable odds.

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