The Venture Mindset

The Venture Mindset: How to Make Smarter Bets and Achieve Extraordinary Growth
English | May 21, 2024 | ASIN: B0CGRXRFFB | M4B@66 kbps | 10h 8m | 295.24 MB

Author: Ilya Strebulaev, Alex Dang
Narrator: Will Damron

Inspired by venture capitalists’ unique mindset, this is a transformative playbook for delivering extraordinary results in modern organizations, from a Stanford professor and a technology executive.

Behind life changing companies like Amazon, Google, Moderna, SpaceX, and Zoom are Venture Capital investors. VCs are known for their extraordinary ability to spot emerging trends, identify disruptive startups, attract talent, and bring new industries into being.

Ilya Strebulaev has spent the last two decades at Stanford studying VCs’ counterintuitive approaches to decision-making, and the reasons behind the success and failure of corporate innovation efforts. Alex Dang, a senior leader at McKinsey and Amazon, has seen up close the impact VCs’ thinking and mechanisms can have on a business’ success. Together in The Venture Mindset, they present nine distinct principles that can help anyone looking to transform their business and achieve extraordinary results, no matter the industry.

The Venture Mindset is a new mental model where failure is a must, ideas are rejected in their myriads in search of a single winner, due diligence is put on its head, dissent is encouraged, plugs are pulled, and time horizons are extended. It is fundamentally different from the mindset found throughout the rest of the business world. This mindset helps leaders to develop a strong pipeline of ideas, make smarter, quicker decisions, and deliver more value at scale. It’s a must hear for any leader looking to stave off irrelevance and win big in the uncertain world of business today.

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