The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Collection, Volumes 5-8

The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Collection, Volumes 5-8
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Author: Michael A. Singer
Narrator: Michael A. Singer

Join Michael A. Singer for an expansive exploration of the life-changing insights in his best-selling books.

Michael A. Singer’s spiritual classic The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself gave us a lucid and practical guide to living an awakened life. Now, for those inspired by his books or new to his teachings, The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Collection, Volumes 5-8 brings you into the company of this beloved teacher as he suffuses new illumination into the life-changing insights shared in his written works.

Volumes 5-8 of this 11-part series include:

Volume 5: The Journey Within
Isn’t it true that the love, peace, and contentment you seek are actually inner experiences? In Volume 5, Singer guides you on a voyage into the depths of your own limitless Self. Inviting you to move beyond dependence on the outer world, Singer suggests that every interaction and relationship in your life can serve to enhance your inner journey. The spiritual path is about choosing Spirit first and then letting all of life assist you in the journey to freedom.

Volume 6: Letting Go into Freedom and Fulfillment
When was the last time you felt free from the burdens of stress and tension? Is it really possible to live your everyday life in a state of complete well-being? How would you even attain such a state? In Volume 6, Singer shares that the peace we seek is already within us. When we lose ourselves in our thoughts and emotions, we become so fixated on ending our internal struggles that we inadvertently become caught by them. The key is to let go of the entire inner battle and relax into our natural state.

Volume 7: Honoring and Respecting Reality
“When you let go of your need to control everything in life,” teaches Singer, “you are no longer an instrument of your mind and what it creates – worry, fear, burden, and suffering. Instead, you become an instrument in the manifestation of life. Free of mind, you dance with the present.” Volume 7 explores: the freedom of non-judgment; surfing the waves of life; how to release unwanted fears and needs; why we want to control reality rather than simply experience it; and more.

Volume 8: Taking Charge of Your Inner Growth
What is it that’s actually keeping you from living fully in every moment? Is it something outside you that’s blocking the way? Or is it really an unspoken attachment to attitudes, ideas, and habits that have long since stopped serving you? In Volume 8, Singer shows how the only barriers between you and positive inner change are ultimately illusory. When you recognize that your thoughts and emotions are only temporary inner states and not accurate reflections of reality, Singer asserts that you can finally galvanize true inner growth.

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