The Secret Language of the Body

The Secret Language of the Body: Regulate Your Nervous System, Heal Your Body, Free Your Mind
English | May 23, 2024 | ASIN: B0CXY4SG22 | M4B@65 kbps | 8h 41m | 248.14 MB

Author: Jennifer Mann, Karden Rabin
Narrator: Jennifer Mann, Karden Rabin

‘Inspiring, refreshing and practical’ Bessel van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score

The new essential self-healing bible – a revolutionary body-first guide to regulating your nervous system, curing long-term pain and healing from trauma for good.

Our autonomic nervous system is the part of us responsible for the constant but usually subconscious communication between our brain and body. This is a language that most of us have never heard of but, we assure you, you desperately need access to! When a person is burdened by stress, anxiety and trauma their nervous system adapts to help keep them alive, but can also trap them in survival mode. This can be the result of consistent exposure to unsafe environments, relationships and thought patterns. We call this nervous system dysregulation or sensitization, which can result in chronic mental and physical pain and confusion, leaving you unable to cope with life’s strains and stresses.

In this book we teach you how to move out of survival mode, regulate your nervous system and heal your mind and body through these three elements of getting to know and take back control of your nervous system:

1. Awareness of how it’s doing what it’s doing
2. Interrupting what it’s doing
3. Redesigning its response to the inputs that dysregulated it

This book provides you with the tools to learn exactly how to start creating meaningful and positive change in your nervous system (and life) right away. As you advance, we will support you in exploring the beautiful nuances, shades and parts that make up who you are to sustain lasting change. We also help you learn how to support your nervous system in your daily life through the Nervous System Codes which are practical sequences aimed to sustain a resilient and flexible mind and body.

Ultimately, through physical practices and accessible yet crucial explanations of the science of the nervous system, you will learn how to skillfully speak the language of your body and elevate nervous system regulation from stress and symptom management to the high art of personal transformation!

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