The Oath

The Oath: Secrets Series, Book 1
English | May 14, 2024 | ASIN: B0CVJ2NZ7C | M4B@63 kbps | 6h 23m | 179.19 MB

Author: T.M. Richardson
Narrator: Lacy Laurel

Miles, Deacon, and Cassidy are Franklin’s best friends, brothers in every sense of the word. When Franklin asks his brothers to do something unorthodox as his dying wish, the trio has some reservations. When they tell his widow about the oath that they were bound in brotherhood to uphold, will she run or embrace a new phase of her life that includes the three of them?

Tatum thought she’d found forever until tragedy struck. When her husband of twenty-two years dies, Tatum feels her world has ended. Little does she know that Franklin’s last request opens a Pandora’s Box to something even greater and fulfilling than she ever imagined.

Will dating three men open up her world and give her heart a second chance at happiness?

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