The Last Trial

The Last Trial: The Heavenly Throne, Book 12

2024 | M4A@125 kbps | 19h 48m | 1.05 GB

Author: Yuri Ajin
Narrator: Kirby Heyborne

Another step toward the Heavens and becoming a deity.

Time never stands still. Kai has changed. Under his leadership, the Eternal Path Temple has evolved into the most formidable faction of the Trial Worlds.

Kai is ready to hunt down and destroy the Manticores, for which he first must establish complete hegemony over Bellum.

A great war looms on the horizon.

Kai is unaware of the twists and turns that are waiting for him around the corner. The Trial Worlds have fulfilled the purpose of their Creator, so their existence is no longer necessary.

The Masters of all three planets will face a difficult test, which only the strongest of them will survive. Kai and his followers will have to fight to the death, for the millstones of the Heavenly Exaltation Pagoda are relentless and merciless.

In this cruel place, only strength and skill reign supreme.

Cultivation is the essence of everything in this kingdom of True Masters!

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