The Last Draig

The Last Draig: Rogue X Ara, Book 2

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 7m | 715.85 MB

Author: JD Linton
Narrator: Nikki Grey, Gabriel Spires

Rogue and Ara have fought tooth and nail for each other and their people, defying even death in their pursuit of peace and love.

But when their bond was finally solidified, another chain was broken, and Rogue’s hidden magic was released—a shock that no one, not even Rogue himself, saw coming.

Now, with broken curses, a powerful mate bond, and two lines of ancient magic, Rogue and Ara must tread carefully through uncharted territory to find the one thing that could turn the tides in their favor: an impossibly lost object, one that’s been forgotten to time, but needed now more than ever—and they must do so before Adonis’ armies rise again, the ever-present threat on the horizon.

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