The Jester of Apocalypse: Invincibility

The Jester of Apocalypse: Invincibility: The Jester of Apocalypse, Book 3

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 15h 32m | 847.3 MB

Author: Robert Blaise
Narrator: J.S. Arquin

Death is no problem in the Nightmare Realm. At least, it shouldn’t have been.

The dark place of sinister powers has its secrets. Between the rapidly multiplying population of monsters, demons slithering in the shadows, the Great God greedily guarding a world-shattering revelation, a mysterious dweller of the Nightmare Realm, and Neave and his companions, interests will collide, and war will be waged.

Can they leave the realm prepared for the calamity waiting outside?

More importantly, with an unknown manipulator lurking in the shadows and the insanity permeating the realm of nightmares…

Will they stay in control of their minds?

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