The Enchantments of Mammon

The Enchantments of Mammon: How Capitalism Became the Religion of Modernity
English | 2020 | ASIN: B08DG62NJ3 | M4B@64 kbps | 34h 57m | 965.4 MB

Author: Eugene McCarraher
Narrator: Paul Boehmer

If socialists and Wall Street bankers can agree on anything, it is the extreme rationalism of capital. Ignoring the motive force of the spirit, capitalism rejects the awe-inspiring divine for the economics of supply and demand.

Eugene McCarraher challenges this conventional view. Capitalism, he argues, is full of sacrament, whether or not it is acknowledged. Capitalist enchantment first flowered in the fields and factories of England and was brought to America by Puritans and evangelicals whose doctrine made ample room for industry and profit. Later, the corporation was mystically animated with human personhood, to preside over the Fordist endeavor to build a heavenly city of mechanized production and communion. By the 21st century, capitalism has become thoroughly enchanted by the neoliberal deification of “the market”.

The Enchantments of Mammon looks not to Marx and progressivism but to 19th-century Romantics for salvation. The Romantic imagination favors craft, the commons, and sensitivity to natural wonder. It promotes labor that, for the sake of the person, combines reason, creativity, and mutual aid. In this impassioned challenge, McCarraher makes the case that capitalism has hijacked and redirected our intrinsic longing for divinity – and urges us to break its hold on our souls.

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