The Duchy’s Necromancer

The Duchy’s Necromancer: A Game of the Dead, Book 1

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 48m | 589.83 MB

Author: Boyd Lee
Narrator: Austin Rising

Morgan Lovecraft had a problem. The world hated him for what he was, and what he could do.

Saved by Duke Kinson, Morgan found a new life in the world of Dunnishire. Orphaned as a young teenager, he found himself in a new world where making friends was easy. That all came crashing down the day he turned sixteen and found out he not only had a death affinity, but was also a necromancer. For a time, all necromancers were put down before they could gain levels or power.

Morgan was born after that nonsense, but many of the old prejudices and hatred were still prevalent. Going from having friends to being an outcast once again, he hoped his scholarship to the Mages Academy would be a new turning point for him and a way to redeem himself.

Most people think of necromancers as beings of great power who could raise hordes of the undead to do their bidding. Well, yes, that part was true. But necromancers were a fantastic utility class that could be both DPS as well as some minor healing and maybe… just maybe… cast resurrections.

All his planning, hopes, and dreams went out the window on the first day of classes when he was challenged to an honor duel. Making mortal enemies five minutes after walking into school? Being asked by the duchy to speak to the dead for them? Help them solve an assassination plot and corruption of public officials? Not wanting to be in the spotlight, the former Earth gamer finds himself right on center stage as he becomes The Duchy’s Necromancer!

The Duchy’s Necromancer is a fantasy LitRPG progression-based storyline. There are grownups in this book who act like grownups. They drink, swear, make bad jokes, and fall in love. What’s not in this book? Harems. Sex scenes. Graphic or otherwise. There are plenty of jokes and innuendo about it, however.

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