The Complete Hypnosis 5 in 1 Bundle

The Complete Hypnosis 5 in 1 Bundle: Hypnotherapy for Deep Sleep, Social Anxiety, Self-Esteem & Depression
English | April 18, 2020 | ISBN: 9781662204784 | MP3@64 kbps | 6h 7m | 164.92 MB

Author: Meditation and Hypnosis Productions
Narrator: Whitney Ann Jenkins, HotGhost Productions

This Bundle was created to help everyday people like you and I to resolve any emotional imbalances. You see I, being one of the founders of Meditation and Hypnosis Productions went through a life changing event where I felt completely rejected and unaccepted by my family. As I am the youngest in the family this struck extra hard against the very core of who I am, as I have neve truly felt any belonging with my family, leading me down a path in life which I would not wish for anyone.

That is when I found Meditation and Hypnosis.

I dug deep into Hypnosis, trying to understand its power on a deeper dimension. What I came to realize is that when performed correctly, it is a wonderful way in which to empower your life, grow and to get out of negative state of being.

This Hypnosis bundle is designed for you to get a complete experience that will create the wellbeing you deserve, by offering ten hypnosis scripts in one audiobook. It is suitable for anyone – ranging from complete beginners to experienced individuals. If you wish to let go of worries, sleep better but primarily feel better – then this bundle is for you.

In total, this bundle consists of 5 separate audiobooks with two scripts per book, meaning, you have ten wonderfully relaxing experiences to look forward to.

The audiobooks included are:

Hypnosis for Sleep

Deep Sleep Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Depression

Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

Hypnosis for High Self-Esteem

The goal with this bundle is to provide you with a multitude of hypnosis options that will offer you unique value depending on your context, which may differ for you as time progress.

Get ready to embrace the deep levels of inner peace and balance your life to boost health and your overall wellbeing.

I’s time you start living fully. Take charge and and purchase this bundle right now to outgrow your subconscious fears.

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