The Coffin Maker’s Book of Dark Tales

The Coffin Maker’s Book of Dark Tales
English | April 11, 2023 | ASIN: B0C223TKQT | M4B@125 kbps | 6h 12m | 338.63 MB

Author: Curtis M. Lawson, Joshua Rex
Narrator: John Walker

What sinister beings live behind the mirror’s reflection? Can the apocalypse bleed from the pages of a notebook and into the real world? What terrible cost must be paid when one steals from the realm of dreams? These are just some of the questions presented in this collection of the macabre.

The Coffin Maker, your host and guide, presents 12 ghastly tales from two of the most gifted voices in modern horror. Curtis M. Lawson (Devil’s Night, Black Heart Boys Choir) and Joshua Rex (The Descent, The Inamorta) weave the beautiful and the grotesque into rich tapestries, both chilling and fantastic. Sometimes hopeful. Often bleak. Always overbrimming with darkness.

The Coffin Maker’s Book of Dark Tales is a must-listen for fans of classic and contemporary horror alike.

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