Tansy Bloom, Monster Hunter

Tansy Bloom, Monster Hunter

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 44m | 586.44 MB

Author: L. J. Weller
Narrator: Tanya Reynolds

New supernatural mystery for fans of Slayers: A Buffyverse Story!

From brilliant debut writer L J Weller, and narrated by Sex Education’s Tanya Reynolds, meet Tansy Bloom, Monster Hunter. Buckle up: there’s a new slayer in town.

Three months ago, twenty-eight-year-old Tansy Bloom quit monster hunting. Since then, she’s been trying to live a normal life (whatever that means), but ending up single, unemployed, and living on a boat outside her godfather’s pub definitely wasn’t part of the plan. So, when Tansy’s ex-husband – fellow monster hunter Rex Barclay – turns up like a bad penny and asks for her help with his latest investigation, Tansy reluctantly agrees.

At first, the job appears to be a straightforward monster hunt – following a spate of large creature sightings, Rex believes a werewolf is on the loose in Norfolk, and he intends to capture it. But Tansy’s not convinced. For one thing, the mysterious black dog Rex is hunting is able to vanish into thin air. For another, everyone who’s encountered the black dog is dying in a series of freak accidents. Bad news for Tansy, who’s just come face-to-face with the creature herself.

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