Strange Company

Strange Company
English | June 10, 2021 | ASIN: B094PRXVG8 | M4B@125 kbps | 6h 0m | 322.73 MB

Author: Roan Parrish, Timmi Meskers – music
Narrator: Elizabeth Evans, Michael Crouch, Vikas Adam, Ellen Archer

A queer horror collection that blends music and prose to bring its haunted worlds to life.

Prepare for a chilling journey from a ruined church in Philadelphia, where the spirit that lurks is far from benign to a Prohibition-era New Orleans jazz club, where a young man finds the love of his life – if he can live through the night; from a Detroit cemetery, where teenaged rituals have unforeseen consequences to a deserted beach in an unknown place, where two sisters let the ocean decide their fate; from the Jersey Shore, where the magic of a wistful summer could tear reality apart; to a Michigan high school, where a teenager finds the mystery man of his dreams who’s with him everywhere – and forever.

Written by Roan Parrish and with original music by Timmi Meskers inspired equally by the baroque and by 1980s horror movie soundtracks, Strange Company explores the places where the ordinary world breaks down into the inexplicable, the maddening, the dreadful.

“Strange Company is a wonderfully creepy and endlessly inventive collection of dark tales! Roan Parrish conjures real darkness here. Highly recommended!” (Jonathan Maberry, NY Times best-selling author of Ink and V-Wars)

“These are the queer horror stories I’ve been waiting for.” (Kirsty Logan, author of The Things We Say in the Dark and The Sound at the End)

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