Sherlock Holmes: Gods of War

Sherlock Holmes: Gods of War
English | September 27, 2022 | ASIN: B0B2KR2FRV | MP3@VBR kbps | 8h 41m | 207.34 MB

Author: James Lovegrove
Narrator: Dennis Kleinman

1913. The clouds of war are gathering. The world’s great empires vie for supremacy. Europe is in turmoil, a powder keg awaiting a spark. A body is discovered on the shore below Beachy Head, just a mile from Sherlock Holmes’s retirement cottage. The local police are satisfied that it’s a suicide. The victim, a young man, recently suffered a disappointment in love, and Beachy Head is notorious as a place where the desperate and depressed leap to their deaths. Holmes, however, suspects murder. As he and Watson investigate, they uncover a conspiracy with shocking ramifications.

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