English | 01 May 2024 | ASIN: B0CXF9VDWS | M4B@64 kbps | 10h 27m | 297.19 MB

Author: Nuala O’Connor
Narrator: Breffni Holahan

Anne Bonny is a young woman of privilege who is anything but comfortable, hell-bent on a voyage of self-realisation with or without the consent of those around her. Novelty-seeking, contrary, stubborn and bisexual, she is also neurodivergent, brave and capable of deep and enduring love.

She spent all of two months actually being a pirate. Seaborne is the thrilling and sensuous imagining of the loss, frustration and desires that steer this lonely daughter of a plantation owner towards elopement, two marriages, two pregnancies, violence, trial for piracy and legendary status.

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