Rise of the Weakest Summoner 9

Rise of the Weakest Summoner, Volume IX

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 19h 0m | 1.01 GB

Author: J.R. Saileri
Narrator: Jonathan Waters, Ellory Lane

Though the request they had received from the Elf Queen was certainly surprising and not easy to fulfill, Ast’s group still managed to save Civienne’s precious friend, at the same time, saving the Elf Nation from the threat of an evil cult lurking right beneath the capital grounds. Meanwhile, Asterios started learning a lot more about himself and his kind from his soon-to-be mentor, getting closer to discovering his true self, which is certainly an important aspect to study considering who it might be that had led the nefarious organization from afar.

Now that their job is done and Althea is no longer sick, she has a decision to make. Is she going to keep her promise and come back with them as Ast’s teacher or is the queen going to try and stop her? Are they even going to have enough time to focus on his proper education amidst all the other affairs back home?

Considering the rather important upcoming date related to a certain joyous occasion, it might be a tad difficult.

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