Rama II: Rama, Book 2

Rama II: Rama, Book 2
English | July 18, 2014 | ASIN: B00LWD6AZS | M4A@62 kbps | 15h 21m | 393.81 MB

Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Narrator: Toby Longworth

The sequel to Rendezvous with Rama: the only SF novel to sweep all SF awards and one of the best sellers of all time.

In 2130, an alien spaceship, Rama, entered our solar system. The first product of an alien civilisation to be encountered by man, it revealed many wonders to mankind; but most of its mysteries remained unsolved.…

Sixty-six years later, a second approaching spacecraft was detected; four years on, the Ramans are definitely returning. But this time, Earth is ready. And maybe now, with the arrival of Rama II, some of the questions posed by Rama will at last be answered.

Arthur C. Clarke was born in Minehead, in 1917. During the Second World War he served as an RAF radar instructor, rising to the rank of Flight-Lieutenant. After the war he won a BSc in physics and mathematics with first-class honours from King’s College, London. One of the most respected of all science-fiction writers, he also won Kalinga Prize, The Aviation Space-Writers’ Prize, and The Westinghouse Science Writing Prize. He shared an OSCAR nomination with Stanley Kubrick for the screenplay of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was based on his story, The Sentinel. He lived in Sri Lanka from 1956 until his death in 2008.

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