Old Burns Heal Slow

Old Burns Heal Slow: Lesbian Romance Short Story, Book 2
English | June 27, 2019 | ASIN: B07TJ93YVS | MP3@33 kbps | 1h 38m | 22.66 MB

Author: Claire Kincaid
Narrator: Adelaide Skye

When rookie firefighter Ashley Ripley walks into station 108, Hayley is deeply troubled and for good reasons. It couldn’t be….

If you held a gun to Hayley’s head and asked her to recall the name of the guy that was always sitting in the front row in her high school English class or you’d shoot her, she’d be dead. She couldn’t really remember any of the other names either. Except one. Ashley Ripley. It wasn’t an unusual name, but when she saw it on the paperwork that had accompanied the new recruit to the fire station, she could feel in her bones that it was her.

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