English | July 25, 2023 | ASIN: B0CCSRQ562 | M4B@125 kbps | 9h 16m | 505.96 MB

Author: Zach James
Narrator: Robert Dane

Humanity has reached the stars.

No longer bound to Earth or the Core Sol System, the human race has expanded into the far beyond, seeding itself throughout the final frontier. It has been a time of great expansion, hope, and progress.

These remote colonies, some found at the fringes of the Outer Rim, rely on supplies brought to them by deep-space commercial shipping vessels, which transport the needed goods and commodities to keep humanity alive and thriving in the most remote and austere locations. This story follow the crew of one such ship, the PlanetTEC-owned shipping vessel known as the Yunoma. Thirteen crewmembers on a standard long-range delivery trip. Something that should have been trivial, and frankly, boring.

But the men aboard the Yunoma soon make a terrifying discovery. Space is a big place, and it contains unimaginable horrors that none of them could have conceived. It’s fast. It’s dangerous. And it’s hungry.

Occupant marks action thriller author Zach James’ first foray into the realm of science fiction and horror. Inspired by old-school, slow-burn science fiction and horror, Zach combines his love of classic horror and his overactive imagination with the primal human fear of the unknown in this story set in a new universe that shows just how hostile space, and the things found out there, truly are.

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