Never Shall I Fail

Never Shall I Fail: Forgotten Ruin, Book 7
English | February 26, 2023 | ASIN: B0BWFTP7LV | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 15m | 613.89 MB

Author: Jason Anspach, Nick Cole
Narrator: Christopher Ryan Grant

Surrender is not a Ranger word.

History records massive ancient battles at Carthage, Megiddo, and Cannae. Soon it will record an even greater one…at Sustugul.

Surrounded in the desert port of Sustugul, the Rangers and their new allies must fight a desperate defense. The legions of the Lich Pharaoh, led by a fierce and brutal warrior queen medusa from the Land of Black Sleep, have erupted out of the tomb-haunted south, and overwhelming forces of savage orc hordes swarm the walls of the besieged city.

As the Rangers fight to hold their ground—or be slaughtered and driven into the sea—Corporal Talker struggles to forge a dangerous request that may bring back fallen comrades from beyond the Lands of Night…or destroy the very fabric of time and space.

At the center of this stunning massed infantry battle like something from the Age of Bronze, US Army Rangers must use every war-fighting skill and battlefield trick, along with their legendary heroic intestinal fortitude, to turn the tide and break the forces of evil in a large-scale battle unlike nothing they’ve ever fought in before.

Includes exclusive WarGate After Action Report with Sergeant Major (ret.) John McPhee a.k.a. “The Sheriff of Baghdad”.

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