My Cottage Was Transferred to Another World

My Cottage Was Transferred to Another World, Volume 1: A Slow Life Gamelit Isekai
English | October 15, 2022 | ASIN: B0BFFXFXBV | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 2m | 547.19 MB

Author: Sebastian Guzman
Narrator: Melisandre Verte, Ron d’Vous

All the hero wanted to do was retire….

The Hero of Humanity—the man summoned to slay the Demon King—he went and destroyed all who wronged him, humans and gods included. At the end of his bloody campaign, he had nothing left. He retired to a humble cottage built from the divine wood of the World Tree that he chopped down.

All was well until one day, the world shook.

The Hero wanted nothing to do with it and went to sleep. The next day, he went outside and saw that his property had been transferred to yet another world.

Once more, he had been summoned, but this time, he refused it. He didn’t care. The Hero was done. He was going to live a slow life in his cottage.

That’s what he wanted to do, but this new world may have other things in mind, such as a certain loud and proud wolf girl.

My Cottage Was Transferred To Another World is a new light-hearted story about a Hero who just wants to be left alone. Here’s what you can expect in this installment:

  • Light Gamelit elements.
  • Retired protagonist.
  • Monster girls.
  • Insert art.
  • And the beginnings of more systems….

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