Monarch III: Whitefall

Monarch III: Whitefall: RE: Monarch, Book 3
English | September 05, 2023 | ASIN: B0C78MFVR9 | M4B@125 kbps | 17h 36m | 959.92 MB

Author: J. McCoy, Eligos
Narrator: Luke Daniels

With his nemesis gone from the continent, pursuing her nefarious agenda, Cairn ends his self-imposed exile and returns to find the Infernals on the brink of war.

The disaster is averted with concessions that include Cairn himself returning to Whitefall.

But what he finds beyond the capital gates is a place very different from the home he remembers.

Listen, as Cairn advances his magic, reunites with his family, takes control of his regiment, and grapples with a world that has transformed in his absence. And uncovers a conspiracy that might just be his undoing.

Monarch III: Whitefall is book three of RE: Monarch, one of the most beloved progression fantasy web serials on Royal Road. Perfect for fans of Bryce O’Connor, Luke Chmilenko, and Cale Plamann.

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