Mob Sorcery 2

Mob Sorcery 2

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 15h 52m | 866.16 MB

Author: K.D. Robertson
Narrator: Stephanie Savannah

Vince finds himself going up in the underworld, but the mafia is far from the only gang in town.

The city is abuzz with an international sorcerer’s conference, and the mayor is cracking down hard on anything that might make him look bad. But Vince is out to get that bag. That means fulfilling his enforcer contract for the mob, police crackdown be damned.

Other powers in the underworld aren’t sleeping either. Vince still has a vampire assassin after his head, his enemy’s powerful backers don’t appreciate losing territory, and there’s a new player on the prowl with an interest in the Lionetti Family.

Oh, and Vince’s girlfriend and the mafia don’s sister have some seriously bad blood between them. Might want to sort that out before they literally tear him in half while fighting.

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