Mastering Magic

Mastering Magic
English | April 17, 2023 | ASIN: B0C2JH4HDN | MP3@128 kbps | 9h 32m | 524.42 MB

Author: Kirk Mason
Narrator: Savannah Thomas

Everyone with the gift is going to the academy. Not me. I’ll master magic my own way.

School was a chore. All I wanted was to become a magus, enter the academy, and train my chosen affinity. But I didn’t pass the test. They said I didn’t have it in me.

Years later, a run-in with a sassy goth mage named Misty revealed I could do magic. Those damn monocle-wearing pseudo-Victorians at the academy locked me out! Screw them.

I’m now illegally training my chaos affinity while working at Misty’s magic/videogame store, and I’m getting lost in her rockin’ curves in those fishnet stockings.

Things get even more chaotic when a sweet, adorable academy professor walks in. I know I shouldn’t date the enemy, but she might know why my magic was hidden.

Meanwhile, a gym-bunny mage-cop discovers the scorched spell marks on our secret training field….

I’m soon left with a choice; continue my fun, chilled-out life at the store, or discover the true extent of my power, and the real reason they feared to enroll me.

Note: This slice-of-life story features an unconventional relationship with more than one woman, centered around the male main character. There are explicit adult scenes. All the women are wonderfully varied in looks, style, and personality.

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