Master Your Emotions

Master Your Emotions: Improve Your Control, Emotional Intelligence, Social Skills & EQ. Increase Your Freedom From Anger, Stress, Depression and Negativity: Management Mental Health and Feeling Guide
English | June 19, 2020 | ASIN: B08B46FQH1 | MP3@63 kbps | 3h 27m | 95.03 MB

Author: Will Jeffmen
Narrator: Brian Telestai

Emotional intelligence helps you to be able to face different circumstances and be able to look beyond the obvious. You will also find that as you meditate on a daily basis, your intuition will truly become honed. Over the course of your life, you have been programmed by everything that happened in your life.

If you watch TV, you get programmed into believing that certain products add to your lifestyle. If you watch too much TV of a mindless nature, you tend to become mindless and this exercise once a day will help you to come back into the real world and find the reality of life is actually much simpler than you may imagine.

Here are some of the contents covered in this guide:

  • What are emotions?
  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • How to identify emotions
  • Emotional intelligence and our emotions
  • Can emotional intelligence be developed?
  • Use your emotions to grow, fight your stress, anger, negativity….
  • The importance of empathy
  • Applying emotional intelligence in your life
  • Things that you need to stop doing now

People say that emotions are there to protect us, although I would say that they are much more than that. They can also destroy us if we let them.

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