Love Addict’s RPG V1.00

Love Addict’s RPG V1.00

English | May 30, 2024 | ASIN: B0D5KGVR6P | M4B@125 kbps | 21h 16m | 1.13 GB

Author: Punished Kom
Narrator: Alfie Syme, Erin Bateman

Oliver Chase only has two things going for him; an addiction to dating sim RPGs and a spotty mental health history.

Stuck working a dead-end job, another lonely Valentine’s Day passes Oliver by. There’s a coworker he’s kind of into, but irl flirting isn’t as easy as choosing the right dialog option and clicking a button, sadly… but what if it was? After a lonely night jackin’ it under the influence of Special Californian Gummies, Oliver awakens to what appears to be a complete psychotic breakdown. System notifications, menus, stats, and so much more RPG crap gets injected into his life faster than you can say, ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Schizophrenia’.

Even crazier, Oliver starts earning ‘Love Points’ through having romantic interactions with certain girls, which can then be spent on skills ranging from passive buffs to reality-warping insanity. He wants to make the most of these new powers, but he won’t earn enough to do so if he isn’t working multiple angles, and between his chill coworker, his evil boss, and the girl who ruined his life? Well…

It’s best to start with the tutorial.

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