Lost Daughter

Lost Daughter: A Riveting Kidnapping Mystery Boxset

English | August 03, 2023 | ASIN: B0CC9YZ89Z | M4B@62 kbps | 32h 21m | 883.45 MB

Author: James Hunt, J.S. Donovan
Narrator: Cheryl May, Mikela Drew

Everyone has a past, and everyone has secrets, no more so than FBI Agent Kira Lockhart. But even after five years, Kira’s past keeps catching up with her. Hoping to distract herself with a new case, Kira realizes the disappearance of a young college student might be a part of a larger conspiracy.

Two innocents are taken, and only one woman can find them.

Renowned Miami detective Anna Dedrick returns to her rural birthplace with hopes of leaving behind the vices of the big city. That dream shatters when the town’s pride—an African-American child prodigy—goes missing. As the only woman equipped for the job, Anna takes the case, but soon discovers the town suspecting her estranged brother…and herself.

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