Lost Clause

Lost Clause: Blood Bound, Book 2

2024 | MP3@128 kbps | 8h 55m | 465.81 MB

Author: Elle Mae
Narrator: Dana Dae, DaeTime Productions


I was a Hunter. A damn good one at that.

And then everything changed.

The Order, my parent’s death, everything about my old life had been turned upside down and all I wanted was the truth.

But how could I even begin to unravel everything while still on the run from the two most powerful organizations in this country?

You may think I will come crawling back Keir, but you have another thing coming. This never has and never will be my burden to bear.


Two years.

Two years had passed since Silvia left.

Every day I hoped while looking out over the compound that I would see her once more, but ever since that night she had been a ghost.

My clan needed her. I needed her.

You can run Silvia, but just know that one day I will get you back. It’s just a matter of time.

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