Long Live the Soulless

Long Live the Soulless: Dark Maji, Book 5

2020 | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 28m | 571.9 MB

Author: Kel Carpenter, Lucinda Dark
Narrator: Amy McFadden

She died protecting the man she loved. She died by his hands. And on that blood-soaked grave, vengeance grew.

Quinn Darkova leads a listless existence in the dark realm. As honored guest and beloved by Mazzulah, she wants for nothing. But when Risk enters the realm to save her, the dark god can’t resist a good bargain.

Lazarus is not the man he once was. Consumed by his own grief, he’s a beast whose sole motivation in life is getting revenge on the man who took Quinn from him.

Fate isn’t done with either of them. There’s still one game left to play.

Winner takes all, and no matter the victor, the Sirian continent will never be the same again.

Contains mature themes.

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