Living Covenant: The Complete Series

Living Covenant: The Complete Series
English | May 09, 2017 | ASIN: B0711HH5JF | M4B@62 kbps | 24h 49m | 676.79 MB

Author: Amanda M. Lee
Narrator: Erin DeWard

Zoe Lake and Aric Winters have been through it all. From murderous professors to tan vampires and all of the wolves, witches, and sphinxes they can shake Zoe’s magic fingers at along the way. They’ve survived it all.

Now, five years after leaving Covenant College, Aric and Zoe are leading a quiet life hidden away from potential enemies and old friends. All of that changes when a familiar face from the past shows up needing help.

Zoe and Aric are due for a change, and they’re going to get just that in this exciting new trilogy. Follow the most powerful mage in the land as she navigates the horrors of evil minds and power-hungry megalomaniacs – even as she tries to plan a wedding and secure her happily ever after.

This three-book omnibus includes every installment of The Living Covenant Trilogy, including Rising Covenant, Dark Covenant, and Eternal Covenant.

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