Lawyers, Dogs, and Money

Lawyers, Dogs, and Money: A Veronica Kildare K-9 Mystery, Book 2

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 34m | 576.62 MB

Author: Tracy Carter
Narrator: Alyssa Baumann

Veronica possesses a natural affinity for training dogs and a passion for locating missing people. As “Lawyers, Dogs, and Money” unfolds, Veronica trains peanut allergy alert and prison contraband sniffing dogs and joins her search and rescue colleague, a Deputy Sheriff for Boulder County, in trying to ascertain the source of threats against Kadri Ilves, a co-worker of Sgt. Donovan’s daughter at a high-end import/export business.

The woman being targeted is a native of Estonia and has a long history of advocating for social justice causes. As efforts to harm Kadri escalate in an alarming fashion, Veronica’s team and Sgt. Donovan desperately attempt to pinpoint the person behind the threats. Veronica’s father assists the investigation by researching Kadri’s background, including her work to end racial disparity in prison sentencing, and legal claims she has filed relative to disputed lands in Estonia.

Has Kadri put herself in the crosshairs of the California branch of the Russian Mafia? Can Veronica and her canine partner, Leda, save Kadri before events turn deadly?

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