Invasion: Harrier

Invasion: Harrier, Book 3 (Raptors, Book 6)
English | November 07, 2023 | ASIN: B0CKC3Q3BZ | M4B@125 kbps | 8h 45m | 480.98 MB

Author: Jaime Castle, C.J. Valin
Narrator: Jay Snyder, John Pirhalla, Will Collyer, Garrett Michael Brown, Barrett Leddy

How do you stop an invasion force that just defeated the most powerful person on the planet? Chances are, you don’t.

But the world’s greatest heroes and villains are going to team up and make their best attempt.

After the Tuldarians—a race of dinosaur-like aliens—invade the Earth with overwhelming numbers of ships and soldiers, the world’s governments finally repeal the Anti-Vigilante Acts. Now, the masked crimefighters and criminals who haven’t been allowed to use their powers are being asked to fight to save humanity. And to think, I was just put in prison for just trying to be a good guy.

However, with the recent knowledge that the Tuldarians have developed a way of stripping us from superpowers, that could prove more difficult than it seems—in fact, it could be a suicide mission.

My name is Sawyer William Vincent (I know, it’s three first names. Think I haven’t heard that before?) Once known as Red Raptor, I’m now Black Harrier, one of the world’s most famous masked crime-fighters. And I’m trying to help stop the end of the world.

Invasion is the third book in the new Harrier series from Audible number one best-selling author Jaime Castle and CJ Valin, the creators of Raptors.

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