Icicle: A Tensor Matrix

Icicle: A Tensor Matrix: The First Oort Chronicle
English | February 01, 2021 | ASIN: B08VFCW1BS | M4B@125 kbps | 12h 58m | 706.94 MB

Author: Robert G. Williscroft
Narrator: Trenton Bennett

Braxton Thorpe has discovered a threat to the entire solar system, but he has a problem: he’s dead.

Frozen at death, he awakens to find himself uploaded into an electronic matrix. Exploring beyond the matrix and the larger GlobalNet, he discovers the Oort, a distributed electronic entity older than humanity, with an unnerving secret: Aliens wiped out nearly all life on Earth once, and are coming back to do it again.

The mathematical entity that is Thorpe has to find a way to convince humans of the threat, and in time to do something about it. But how, and what?

If you’ve read Niven’s A World Out of Time or Taylor’s We Are Legion, the opening of Icicle will only seem familiar. Buckle up for a wild ride; you ain’t seen nothing.

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