How Science Shapes Science Fiction

How Science Shapes Science Fiction
English | August 14, 2020 | ASIN: B08F6YW6MP | MP3@VBR4 kbps | 11h 49m | 498.45 MB

Author: Charles L. Adler, The Great Courses
Narrator: Professor Charles L. Adler

Science fiction can often seem to be pure imaginative fantasy with only the trappings of science. But many authors are more fluent in real science than many readers and viewers may realize. With the success our smaller Audible Original course on this subject, we thought it was time to extend the topic and present a more expansive look at the fascinating intersection of fiction and reality, which is what we have set out to do with How Science Shapes Science Fiction.

Professor Charles L. Adler of St. Mary’s College of Maryland was the perfect choice for this subject, as he is both a longtime science-fiction fan and a real-world scientist. Professor Adler’s talent for using literature to shine a light on science – both the accurate and not-so-accurate versions employed by creators, spanning two centuries – makes this course a great survey for fans of both science fact and science fiction.

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