Heavy Metal Mana 1

Heavy Metal Mana 1: An Isekai Progression Fantasy Adventure

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 16h 0m | 873.38 MB

Author: Ace Strutton
Narrator: Patrick Dubois, Melisandre Verte

They enslave the world with steel—I’ll crush them with it.

I was shredding a monster guitar solo then died on stage in a freak accident. Reborn, I discovered I was a mage with the power to control metal and kick ass! The Goddess of Chaos has set me loose in the Shimmerlands, a magic world under threat by a total buzzkill named Lord Manageer. He’s banned magic, music, and everything that brings pleasure to the people. He must be stopped.

I’m the first to control metal, ever. The oppressors rely on it, and I can crush their armor, war jeeps, and buildings like tin foil.

With my unique powers, allies are lining up to join my cause. Especially the gorgeous foxgirl blacksmith and the rebellious imp librarian.

In a world of metal—only I can rip it wide open to save the Shimmerlands.

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