Gods of the Game

Gods of the Game: A SciFi LitRPG Adventure

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 12h 30m | 681.33 MB

Author: Phil Tucker
Narrator: Adam Verner

In the sun-scorched future of 2442, survival takes the form of a game—Krieg Chess. More than a simple board game, it’s a high-tech fusion of strategy and combat, demanding intellect and brute force in equal measure. Players wield advanced technologies and unearth latent abilities, transforming from pawns to knights, rooks to kings in a brutal ballet of power and progression.

Against this backdrop emerge two extraordinary players: Charoen and his sister, Jessie, refugees from a camp outside Oslo, lifted from obscurity by the enigmatic billionaire Virgil. Their latent talents set aflame, they’re recruited into a new team of elite players and an electrifying new reality. Training in the remote Faroe Islands, they unlock staggering powers and take on monstrous adversaries, every victory sculpting them into formidable forces on the game board.

But Krieg Chess isn’t just a game—it’s a crucible, a theater of war, where brutality and strategy clash and sparks of personal histories, deception, and unexpected alliances are ignited. Can Charoen and Jessie master their abilities and the game’s ruthless complexities to rise from obscurity to fame?

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