Goblin Settler

Goblin Settler: A Slice of Life Base-Building Harem Fantasy (Goblin Breeder, Book 3)

2024 | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 4m | 603.47 MB

Author: Micky Carre
Narrator: Renée Nolen, Alfie Syme

Book 3 of the Goblin Breeder Series!

With Odewyn defeated, I had the tools needed to survive the treacherous Drowned Lands. But before embarking on that perilous journey, I had work to do: not only did I need to begin construction on my home, but I had to oversee the building of defensive fortifications for the entire city of Gillamoor. The elves were coming, and when they arrived, I wanted them to see an impenetrable fortress.

While that would certainly take up all my time, I still had plenty of work to do with helping the goblins repopulate. When it came to that, my work was nowhere near done.

Although let’s be honest…. Calling it “work” was a stretch.

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